Solstin - Belong to the sun


Solstin is an electrification consulting-firm with the electro-mission of displacing the dominant, internal combustion engine.


Solstin engages with major media outlets and contributes information and policy analysis.  Whether interviewed for print, radio, or television, reporters turn to Solstin for electrification trends.

Public Resource

Solstin serves as a clearinghouse for objective information and analysis, such as providing testimony for legislative and regulatory bodies. Our website curates important Wireless EV developments and events for the benefit of policymakers, researchers, and the general public.

Premise: Solstin’s Law

Photovoltaic (PV) modules have been dropping about 15% per year ($/Watt) since 1955.  The PV trend is on the cusp of global disruption, but converting free power (1) from the sun is not enough to displace the internal combustion engine.  Innovation is needed in storage (2) or distribution (3).  The strategic solution will be combination of storage and distribution. trends the most promising research and quantifies racing configurations for data-driven insights.